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Pseudo "GiantEvil"
« le: juin 20, 2011, 01:15:51 »
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Citation de: pedronaut
There is no such thing as empty space.
is that correct??

no where is void of energy- light waves, gravity waves, neutrinos...
Is that corect??

Is it possible the largest volume of empty space is about the size of a photon or plank length cubed etc. A 3D area where criscrossing waves of energy have not penetrated???
It can be argued either way. It's unknown how big the universe really is, we don't know where, or even if, space ends.

There is scale to be considered, there could for a moment be a small space, a Planck length or so, inside an atom, or out in the universe somewhere, that has no energy or mass content.

The current theory of gravity is General Relativity. It involves the geometric warping of spacetime, and is not a quantum theory.

You should ignore J.C. Lavau, as he seem's to have his own agenda to push.

Citation de: GiantEvil
Citation de: J.C. Lavau
Citation de: GiantEvil
You should ignore J.C. Lavau, as he seem's to have his own agenda to push.
How old were you, when you began to behave in this paranoid custom ?
Were you alone to evolve such way ?
Was it a collective move ? Or did you join an already paranoiac group ?
What were your benefits, so ?
Will you encourage children to live in your paranoiac mood ? Will the benefits you expect balance the costs ?
Let's see here, you, J.C Lavau, are in disagreement with a planet full of professional physicists concerning a scientific concept that is applied daily on a planet wide scale in a wide range of successful technologies.
Please feel free to be clear.
What are the assumptions that you presume to be correct ?
What are your reasons for presuming they are correct ?
What are the assumptions that you presume to be wrong ?
What are your reasons for presuming they are wrong ?

Thank you for becoming clear, in the future.

This is an elementary piece of respect for the readers and the contributers.

Citation de: GiantEvil
@J.C. Lavau. Dude, get real. Your the one that came all jumping out with your pseudoscience. "Oh, but modern science is wrong. It is completely waves and not particles at all."
Really, you need to go post that crap down in pseudo. In case you haven't noticed, this is the REAL physics section.

Where all that ?
La science se distingue des autres modes de transmission des connaissances, par une croyance de base : nous croyons que les experts sont faillibles, que les connaissances transmises peuvent contenir toutes sortes de fables et d’erreurs, et qu’il faut prendre la peine de vérifier, par des expériences



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